ICHOM Accreditation is designed to recognize you as a leader in value-based health care and help you smoothly implement ICHOM Sets including annual revisions.

ICHOM Accreditation supports better care; greater patient satisfaction; and global recognition that signals to payers; policy makers and regulators that you are a pioneer in delivering patient-centered, value-based health care.

ICHOM Certification:

Official recognition that you are delivering
value-based care



Training and
Implementation Toolkit:

To enhance your knowledge and help you get started with collecting and using data to improve


ICHOM Sets of Patient-Centered
Outcome Measures:

Access to the Visual Term Bank application to download the Sets you have purchased


Who is ICHOM Accreditation for:

  • Provider organizations investing in delivering high-quality value-based health care in their move away from traditional fee-for-service
  • Policy makers, payers and regulators who want to discover which providers are delivering best
  • Creators of patient management systems and software who can integrate ICHOM Sets into their products to enable clinicians to deliver better patient care
  • Employer self-insured plans, who want to assure their employees are receiving best-in-class care services


For more information on the ICHOM Accreditation Package please contact accreditation@ICHOM.org

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