Patient-Centered Outcome Measures

Macular Degeneration

Completed & Harmonized

The ICHOM Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures for Macular Degeneration is the result of hard work by a group of leading physicians, measurement experts and patients. It is our recommendation of the outcomes that matter most to patients with Macular Degeneration. We urge all providers around the world to start measuring these outcomes to better understand how to improve the lives of their patients.

1. Endophthalmitis

2. Individual treatments received for macular degeneration

3. Recommended to track via the Brief Impact of Vision Impairment (B_IVI) Questionnaire

4. Presence of fluid, edema, or hemorrhage

ICHOM Standard Sets Macular Degeneration Outcomes Wheel

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Macular Degeneration – Defining a Minimum Set of Standardized Patient-centered Outcome Measures for Macular Degeneration

Team that developed this set

Mark Gillies | University of Sydney

Kim Ramasamy | Aravind Eye Care System

Naga Yoshimura | Kyoto University
Hiroshi Tamura | Kyoto University

Norfariza Ngah | Hospital Selayang
Dato Shankar*

Caroline Klaver | Erasmus Medical Center

Gemmy Cheung | Singapore National Eye Center

Inger Westborg | Umeå University; Registercenter Syd/EyeNet Sweden

Daniel Barthelmes | University Hospital Zurich

Robert Johnston | Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Adnan Tufail | Moorfields Eye Hospital
Ian Rodrigues | St. Thomas’ Hospital
Martin McKibbin | Royal College of Ophthalmologists
Cathy Yelf* | Macular Society

Mark Blumenkranz | The Byers Eye Institute at Stanford
Suzann Pershing | Stanford University; American Academy of Ophthalmology; VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Christina Weng | Baylor College of Medicine
Julia Haller | Wills Eye Hospital; Thomas Jefferson University

*Patient representative

ICHOM Standard Sets Macular Degeneration Working Group Members

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