You will be able to find all your implementation resources in the ICHOM Communuity Groups. These include the following documents:


The Flyer provides a visual summary – the wheel of outcomes – of the Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures, and some detail regarding how each outcome is tracked, and also lists the Working Group of experts that were involved in the development of the Set.


The Reference Guide is a detailed document that describes the set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures, including the outcomes, the outcome measures, the case mix variables, and the timepoints for data collection. In the appendix, a full data dictionary of all the variables is included. This provides the level of detail required to begin implementing data collection for the Set.


The Data Dictionary is the excel file that lists all the variables that need to be collected as part of the Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures, including timepoints and inclusion criteria for each variable.


The manuscript is published in a peer-reviewed journal and describes the work that was done to develop the Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures, and discusses any key considerations and gaps in the field as well as any limitations of the work done.

You can download these documents in each ICHOM Set Community Group

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