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Based on the feedback we have received from sites and true to the goal of making patient-centered standard outcome measures available on a global scale, we currently craft plans of how to facilitate the implementation of the ICHOM standard sets. One approach to accomplishing this and to drive adoption of the standard sets across the world, is to translate them to a machine readable format and map to external standards and terminologies such as SnomedCT and LOINC. In order to achieve this goal we have launched the Harmonisation initiative.

ICHOM is working to harmonize all standard sets to create data that is interoperable to help promote transparency on patient health outcomes. The purpose of this initiative is to standardize all terms used across all ICHOM standard sets to improve implementation practices by allowing all set outcomes/variables to be easily machine read by EHR systems used in healthcare settings.

Below we have set out which sets have been harmonized and which ones are in the progress of being harmonized.

Completed & Harmonized

In Progress


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