Standard Sets

Hand and Wrist Conditions



1 Patient-reported outcome
2 Evaluated via Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (MHQ)/ Patient-Rated Wrist/Hand Evaluation (PRWHE)/ Boston Carpal Tunnel

Questionnaire (BCTQ) and Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS)
3 Evaluated via Goniometry and Kapandji Score (only used for the Thumb Track, Nerve Track and Severe Trauma Track where applicable)
4 Evaluated via hand-held dynamometer
5 Evaluated via Lateral/Key Pinch and Tip Pinch (not applicable for the wrist track)
6 Evaluated via Numerical Pain Rating Scale and Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (MHQ) / Patient-Rated Wrist/Hand Evaluation

(PRWHE)/ Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire (BCTQ)
7 Evaluated via Weinstein Enhanced Sensibility Test (WEST)
8 Evaluated via Cold Intolerance Symptom Severity questionnaire (CISS) 9 Evaluated via Working Group-designed Return to Work tool

10 Evaluated via EQ-5D-5L
11 Evaluated via Working Group-designed satisfaction with treatment results tool
12 Evaluated via modified Clavien-Dindo Classification for hand surgery

13 Report of any repeat operation for the same condition in the same patient due to disease progression or recurrence, or as follow-up to failed previous surgery. Subsequently, description of new / additional treatment, (within final time point of tracks).


In addition to the core set there are 5 track specific tracks for each condition.

A= Regular Thumb Track B=Extended Thumb Track C= Regular Finger Track D= Extended Finger Track E= Regular Wrist Track

F= Extended Wrist Track
G= Regular Nerve Track
H= Extended Nerve Track
I= Severe Hand Trauma Track (a score of >50 in MHISS and evidence of 3> damaged structures are required for allocation to this track).

ICHOM Standard Sets Hand and Wrist Outcomes Wheel

Resource Documents

Hand & Wrist Conditions Reference Guide
Hand & Wrist Conditions Data Dictionary
Hand & Wrist Conditions Flyer

Team that developed this standard

Chair | Steven Hovius | Radboud University Medical Centre, Xpert Clinic
Research Fellow | Robbert M. Wouters | Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, Handtherapie Nederland/Xpert Clinic
Programme Manager | Andria Joseph | ICHOM
Director of Standardisation and Latin America | Alethse De la Torre | ICHOM
Research Associate | Adedayo O. Jobi-Odeneye | ICHOM
Research Associate | Christiana Ilesanmi | ICHOM

Gregory I. Bain | Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre

Christine B. Novak | The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
Joy MacDermind | University of Western Ontario, Roth McFarlene Hand and Upper Limb Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Occupational Therapists

S. Raja Sabapathy | Ganga Hospital

Martin Iglesias | Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas Nutrición Salvador Zubirán

Lucelle van de Ven – Stevens | Dutch Association The Working Group Occupational Therapists
Ruud W. Selles | Erasmus MC – University Medical Center

Goo Hyun Baek | Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University College of Medicine

Marc Garcia-Elias | Kaplan Hand Institute

Lars B Dahlin | Department of Translational Medicine – Hand Surgery, Lund University.

Maurizio Calcagni | University Hospital Zurich

Çiğdem Öksüz
Gürsel Leblebicioğlu

Christina Jerosch-Herold | University of East Anglia
David Warwick | University Hospital Southampton
Ryan W Trickett | Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Alexander Y. Shin | Mayo Clinic
Kevin C. Chung | University of Michigan Medical School

ICHOM Standard Sets Hand and Wrist Working Group Members

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