ICHOM brings together patient representatives, clinician leaders, and registry leaders from all over the world to develop Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures. These are comprehensive yet parsimonious sets of outcomes and case-mix variables we recommend all providers track.

Each Set focuses on patient-centered results and provides an internationally agreed upon method for measuring each of these outcomes. We do this because we believe that standardized outcomes measurement will open up new possibilities to compare performance globally, allow clinicians to learn from each other, and rapidly improve the care we provide our patients.

Our Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures include initial conditions and risk factors to enable meaningful case-mix adjustment globally, ensuring that comparisons of outcomes will take into account the differences in patient populations across not just providers, but also countries and regions. A comprehensive data dictionary, as well as scoring guides for patient-reported outcomes, is included in the appendix.

Our aim is to make the sets freely accessible to healthcare institutions worldwide to begin measuring, and ultimately benchmark the outcomes they achieve. In order to have a guide from which we can benchmark outcomes, we require feedback from initial implementation efforts.


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