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Congenital Upper Limb Anomalies

The ICHOM Standard Set for Congenital Upper Limb Anomalies is the result of hard work by a group of leading physicians, measurement experts and patients. It is our recommendation of the outcomes that matter most to patients with Inflammatory Arthritis. We urge all providers around the world to start measuring these outcomes to better understand how to improve the lives of their patients.

  1. Includes mortality, bleeding, infection, wound healing and general medicine
  2. Evaluated via Goniometry
  3. Evaluated via Manual Muscle Strength Testing
  4. Evaluated via Dynamometry
  5. Tracked via PROMIS Upper Extremity
  6. Appearance tracked via Likert Scale
  7. Tracked via PROMIS Depression
  8. Tracked via PROMIS Anxiety
  9. Tracked via PROMIS Paediatric Global Hea
  10. Tracked via PROMIS Peer-Relationships

Team that developed this standard

Resource Documents

Overall Paediatric Health Reference Guide
Congenital Upper Limb Anomalies Reference Guide
Congenital Upper Limb Anomalies Data Dictionary
Congenital Upper Limb Anomalies Flyer

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