Day 1 | November 2021

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Day 1 Plenary 1 | November 2021

  1. ICHOM Welcoming Address
  2. Opening Address. Global Acceleration of Outcomes Measurement
  3. Keynote Panel. Learnings and Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic – Catalyzing Fundamental Change or a Limited Emergency Response

Day 1 Plenary 2 | November 2021

  1. Transforming Healthcare Systems – Will Covid-19 be the Defining Moment or Not?
  2. Incentivising Transparency on Patient Health Gains after Cataract Surgery in France
  3. The Role of Nurses in Patient-Centred Care
  4. The Crucial Role Technology and AI Will Play in the Future of Healthcare
  5. Implementation of Integrated Care for Patients’ Care Improvement and Waste Elimination
  6. Closing Remarks Day 1

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