Day 2 | November 2021

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Day 2 Plenary 1 | November 2021

  1. Chair’s Opening Remarks and Welcome
  2. Improving cancer patients follow-up with remote monitoring PRO systems: results, indications and criteria of choice for clinicians
  3. Latest Examples of VBHC in LMIC and What We Can Learn from COVID-19

How Can We Achieve International Benchmarking For The 21st Century?

Combining Fuzzy Logic with Time-Driven Activity Based Costing within the Rheumatoid Arthritis Care Cycle: Insights from a Dutch Hospital

Developing a Reimbursement-Based Partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Hôpital de La Tour, Switzerland

How Digital Selfcare Can Help Improve Health Outcomes: A Case Example

Intelligence for Value Framework – Increasing the Scalability of Utilizing Outcomes Data in NHS Wales, UK

The Diabeter Outpatient Care Model – Holistic Care Approach for Better Patients’ Outcomes Without Increasing Costs

Converting to a Capitation System for Dialysis Payment – The Portuguese Experience

Patient Outcomes In Schizophrenia to Redesign Care Pathways

Day 2 Plenary 2 | November 2021

  1. H2O Session
  2. Closing Address Day 2

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