Implementing PROMs in Clinical Practice

This module will introduce and explain what patient reported outcomes (PRO) and patient reported outcomes measures (PROMS) are, how ICHOM uses PROMS in specific condition sets and how to implement them in clinical practice.

Case Studies

6. Implementing ICHOM’s Standard Sets of Outcomes: Coronary Artery Disease in the Coronary Angiogram Database of South Australia (CADOSA)
The Coronary Angiogram Database of South Australia (CADOSA) is a state wide registry in South Australia that covers data collection in all four public tertiary hospitals managing patients with coronary artery disease, with over 20,000 patients registered. This case study describes how the CADOSA team focussed on four aspects to get the registry up and running when implementing ICHOM’s Coronary Artery Disease set: clinician buy-in, human resources for data collection, the data platform, and outcome metrics.