Leading Change: ICHOM Implementation Framework

This module will introduce and explain the implementation framework for ICHOM’s sets of patient-centered outcome measures, how to prepare an organisation to succeed in their implementation journey and the key lessons learnt so far.

Case Studies

3. Implementing ICHOM’s Standard Sets of Outcomes: Parkinson‘s Disease at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in South Wales, UK
The National Health Service (NHS) is a universal, publicly funded health system free at the point of need and paid for through general taxation. Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB) is one of the NHS Wales integrated payer-provider health boards providing healthcare to an estimated population of over 639,000, approximately 21% of the total Welsh population. This case study describes how ABUBH agreed to use Value-Based Healthcare to achieve more efficient healthcare across the Health Board, how the ICHOM’s Parkinson’s Set was piloted and the lessons learnt from this experience.

4. Collaborating for Value: The Santeon Hospitals in The Netherlands
Santeon is a group of six independently-run hospitals within the Netherlands. In 2007 these hospitals decided to form an alliance that would enable close collaboration around patient care and quality improvement initiatives, as well as a joint value-based contracts with insurers. In 2012, Santeon’s Value-Based initiative was launched. This case study describes their VBHC programme and how it’s evolving from a system using retrospective data to support clinical and management decisions into one that uses contemporaneous data to drive continuous quality improvement cycles.

5. Implementing ICHOM’s Standard Sets of Outcomes: Cleft Lip and Palate at Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands
Erasmus MC, affiliated with Erasmus University, is one of the largest academic medical centres in Europe and a top-ranking medical institution internationally. In 2012 Erasmus MC developed a 5-year Value-Based strategy that would transform the centre into a true value innovator, placing better outcomes, lower cost, and patient-centred care as the organisation’s three primary goals. This case study explores how the cleft surgery department at Erasmus MC have fully implemented ICHOM’s Cleft Lip and Palate Standard Set as part of their Value-Based strategy and the lessons learned.